Why I'm Thankful for 2017, Bullshit and All

I'm not alone when I say 2017 was a bittersweet fuck up. It was our first year under an evil pumpkin's reign, our favorite celebrities and influencers were revealed as perverts and violaters, and natural disasters made their way through cities like Bruh Man did Martin's apartment. On a personal level, one of my closest cousins passed away and I hated my job for the first 8 months. However, this year still had its good moments, such as me getting a new apartment and a new job that pushed my career forward. Even though the good moments were accompanied by fucked up memories, I'm thankful for this year's lessons and tribulations. Here's why:

It Humbled My Ass

For the first 24 years of my life, I've never faced real hardship. Any time a situation would arise, I would always find my way to weasel out of it. Couldn't pay a bill, someone would hand me money. Missed a deadline, the teacher or company would forgive me or extend it coincidentally. However, this year gave 0 fucks about me. I fell on my face on multiple occasions and I was the only one who could pick myself up. 2017 let me know that I'm not invincible to the world's bullshit. A lesson that was hard to swallow but needed, nonetheless. 

White America was shook

I don't feel like I need to explain this but here it goes. For YEARS minorities have been telling white people how crooked their beloved America behaved. While some knew it was truth, most felt that we were lying because America was the land of the free and everyone had the same opportunities. That is until this hateful pumpkin took office and rocked their precious world. All of a sudden everyboy was fake woke. Not only did 2017 open the eyes of America's sheep, it let the racists and poor dummies know that they don't make up America's foundation. Even though their candidate won the presidency, they saw a resistance they didn't expect. Let's be real we all know a little education and bold truth shakes any ignorant inbred, with their dumbasses. It was just hilarious seeing white liberals fighting white ignorants over issues minorities have been putting their blood, sweat, and tears into for literally centuries. Don't get me wrong, not every white person was sleep, but a lot of them are just now realizing America is full of shit and it's freaking hilarious. 

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My edges started growing

Jamaican Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, and Faith. Need I say more?

I got my first apartment

I finally moved my ass out my mama's house. My initial plan was to save so I can move out of state, but life doesn't always go as planned. Instead, I moved out and stayed in Chicago. What's funny is I couldn't be happier. I'm walking around with my booty out and ordering all the ethnic food up north, a luxury the Southside doesn't have. On top of giving me freedom, I've learned responsibility and how not to depend on others all the time. Bishhh, I'm grown now. 

Be cooking dinner like...

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I'm Thankful for my new job 

While we're on the subject of big blessings, I'm thankful as hell for my new job. My old workplace was cool and all but I was stagnant when it came to advancing my career. It wasn't until this fall, that I moved on to a better job with a higher position and higher salary. The company gives you whatever you need to develop as a professional and I have a supportive team, I couldn't be happier. Thanks God, gods, or whatever higher power that made this happen. You da best...headass. 

Musical enlightenment

BITCH...my music for 2017 was a fucking lituation. Not just the music that was released, but the perfomances I had the opportunity of seeing. Pitchfork with my friend Sarah from Eatz & Beatz was dope as hell with us seeing A Tribe Called Quest and Solange. AfroPunk was lit with SZA and Solange(there were others, but my late ass missed them). Even Jay-Z's release party for 4:44 was a highlight in my 2017. All in all, my playlist was popping and my musical experiences in 2017 were perfect. 


MOst importantly, im thankful for becoming a better person

The combination of me turning 25 and facing hella hardships in 2017 has forced me to really evaluate life and what it means. I've always been a deep thinker, but this year I had no choice but to really put everything into a broader perspective. Life is more than just finding out what works for me, but it means considering those around me. Seeing some of the strongest people in my life go through trials and tribulations made me realize that, at some point, we all have to experience being the pillar someone else will lean on. I've become less selfish and my passion to grind harder is in full throttle. I'm even thankful for my personal struggles because they've taught me patience and molded me into a stronger individual. Now I'm like Rachel 3.0. 

In the end, 2017 was a rocky year, but we can't appreciate the good things if we never face the bad. I just know I'm pussy popping all over 2018.


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I just ask that Cardi B please sends me the words of her prayer before 2017 started. Thanks sus!