5 Reasons Every Twenty-Something Needs a Mentor

 Outside of Netflix and Buzzfeed quizzes, the world can be hell.  Here are 5 reasons why every twenty-something needs a mentor to help them deal: 


1. We Honestly Don't Know Shit

As much as we like to use the term "I'm grown", we're still very wet behind the ears. We can take as many classes as we want on sociology or learn about fuck boys from personal experience, but nothing prepares you for the actual real world and its taxes, car notes, and lack of jobs that help you pay them. It's only right for you to have someone in your corner who has been through these things and can tell you how to best handle them. I know there's a sense of liberation and want for immediate independence, but that's not how adulting works. It's a constant cycle of "I got this" and "I'm not sure". So, don't be afraid to admit that you need help and reach out to someone who can guide you through the unwanted, but inevitable adult situations.


2. They Got The Hook Ups

You might be equipped with the talent, ambition and even the courage to succeed, but that means nothing if you don't have the proper resources. Because mentors have more experience in their industries, they tend to know more people and places to go in order to help you reach your career goal. Even if your dream job isn't in their industry they may know resources to help you in general as a young professional. I can't count how many times I've reached out to my mentors with one question and they've directed me to at least 3 websites or people that have helped me tremendously. Aside from having professional hook ups, they know the plug for shopping, groceries, events, etc. Listen, the more you adult, the more connections you make and things you learn. Having access to someone who has already built a strong circle of connections is an advantage you shouldn't take for granted. 


3. They Don't Judge Us For Our Mistakes

We fuck up—a lot! The last thing you want and need is someone who talks bad about you for doing it. After all, we're  human and shouldn't be judged for not being perfect. A good mentor will always listen without looking down on you for making "stupid choices". Instead, they'll help you understand the choices you need to make. Getting life right takes time and it helps to have someone who knows that and tries to teach you how not to fuck it up instead of shaming you. 


4. We Need Someone to Keep It Real

You should never have people in your circle who only tickle your ears. How can you progress if you never hear what you're doing wrong and the people surrounding you are brown nosing? You can't make improvements if you don't know you need them. Listen to me when I say a mentor keeps it real. While they may not judge you, a mentor is never afraid to let you know that you are fucking up. They don't care if you don't like what they have to say because their focus is on helping you become a better person. Eventually, you'll learn to embrace their blunt approach because you know they have good intentions. 


5. You Gain An Irreplaceable Bond

A mentor isn't just some boss ass bitch making you live like them. They're humble enough to be a friend, you'll be close as siblings, and they're as caring as a parent. They see the best in you and are willing to accept the worst just to help you reach your goals. Outside of helping you reach your goals they help you cope with life in general. We are in dire times. Everyday things seem to get worse. It is best to have someone to talk to who can help you cope with loss, love, and the challenges of inequality you may face. 


 Having these dope, angelic figures on our sides gives us an advantage over this bitch called life. They can't make things perfect but they sure do make them better. So, to those who have put up with a crazy, taco loving, shots on the weekend, "How does 401k work?" twenty-something, thank you! We are forever grateful.






Rachel Adeniyi