Around the City: Taste of The Gold Coast

Being born and raised in Chicago, I don't always see the city for the precious gem it truly is. Yes, I love the shit out of my city and know it's, but sometimes when you're accustomed to things you start to take them for granted. So, instead of only gaining experiences through traveling, I've decided to live life to the fullest by taking advantage of what's happening right in my dope ass hometown.  First order of adventure? Taste of The Gold Coast.

For those of you who don't know, Chicago's Gold Coast is a ritzy neighborhood located just north of downtown. From the shopping to the men, it's full of the finer things. This was the 8th year restaurants in this upscale neighborhood held a tasting of the finest items on their menus and I'm just now hearing about it. Yes, my greedy ass is late on a food event. Surprising, right?  Welp, better late than never. Anyway, it was everything I could ask for. I'm what people call sophistiratchet, meaning I might like to twerk but you can still catch me rocking a nice pair of pumps as I sip champagne. So, when I scrolled on Groupon and saw a cheap but upscale event I was all for it. 

Tickets were priced at $60, but Groupon had complimentary admission with a $10 service fee.  General admission included two drink tickets and the event was all you can taste from each restaurant. Can anyone say lit? Litttttt! As I often say, there's always a way to have fun in Chicago, even when you're on a budget. 

The location was perfect. It was held at the beautiful Germania Place, which was spacious enough where you don't have to touch someone's elbow just to eat your scallops from Devon Seafood, which were amazing! Taste of The Gold Coast was hosted by Katie O'Reilly of Katie O's Food Carnival on WBTV and co-owner of Kenmare's Catering and Events. Her generosity and welcoming charm made me feel like I knew her forever, which made it even more comfortable for me to grab seconds from each restaurant I loved. Thanks girl! 

Although I was familiar with a few of the restaurants like Devon's and Rosebud, there were a lot of places I was excited to try. However, the belles of the food ball were definitely Goddess and Grocer's dark chocolate pistachio truffle and Kenmare Catering's fried green tomato soup. They both had my toes curling and legs wobbling! 

Overall, the experience was remarkable and I'll definitely be returning next year! Fine food + Liquor + Affordability will always equal a happy Rachel.