#BanfiSips: Banfi Wine Tasting and Speed Dating at Fremont

What's up, folks? It's been awhile since my last event post, but things are starting to get at least semi-normal and I'm finally getting back to enjoying life So, I promise I'm going to do better you guys—pinky promise!

Anyway, my obsession with Facebook actually has benefits besides distracting me at work. As you know, Facebook is a damn snitch. It literally lets your friends know where you're going, what you're saying and who you're liking. Sounds like a privacy nightmare but my nosey ass loves it, especially when you can piggyback off your friend's interests, which is what I did with this week's event. I was just scrolling, looking for memes when I saw one of my friends was interested in a free wine tasting. That's right, two of my favorite words—free and wine! Can anyone say lit?

After clicking the link, I learned that Banfi Wines was having a free wine tasting at Fremont, one of Chicago's hot spots in River North with a dope ambiance. So, my thirsty ass didn't hesitate to sign up with no questions asked. That's when I saw it. Not only was this a wine tasting event, but Banfi and Zoosk partnered so it included speed dating! This is a form of dating I hadn't tried and, after my recent crappy experience with online dating, I wasn't too excited to deal with the whole inorganic dating scene just yet. However, I wanted that wine and figured it could be a good way to network. So, I forced my friend, Nina, to be my partner in wine and decided to roll with the punches. I regret nothing about that pun!


Upon arriving, I noticed there wasn't a long line or any chaos. That, for me, was a huge plus. There's nothing more annoying than trying to have fun but having to stand in a long ass line. Everything looked very organized and appealing, even the fine ass workers. Walked up the stairs to a mixed crowd of people with different ages and walks of life. However, I did peep the overwhelming amount of women compared to the men.

My friend and I are greedy. So, we were immediately drawn to the fancy buffet. I figured there would be food but I didn't expect all that greatness. Even though I'm on a diet and could only eat the chicken poppers and chocolate raspberry dessert(no idea what it's called), it still brought me joy to know that I was at least sharing the room with delicious food such as sliders, pizza, avocado toast, and lamb chops. 


As far as the Banfi wine, there were three kinds: Centine, San Angelo, and Rosa Regale. I'm personally a white wine type of gal and the Pinot Grigio(San Angelo) had me excited. I honestly didn't get a chance to try the other two because by the time I asked for sparkling(Rosa Regale), they ran out and I'm honestly rarely if ever interested in red(Centine) wine. However, I was just fine with my Pinot Grigio because it was lovely. I'm no wine expert, so I can't tell you about the aroma and all that extra stuff. I just know I genuinely enjoyed it. My friend did try each wine and she said the sparkling was her favorite. 



Speed dating, the thing I was dreading the most, actually didn't play a big factor in the night. Not for the event overall, but for me personally. They were going based on the color of your wristband and, unfortunately, my purple wrist was cursed with being last. Our parking was almost up and nobody has time for that $4 an hour, downtown Chicago ass parking. When I got there I did get excited to try it, but after waiting too long and realizing there weren't enough men, I was satisfied with good music and conversation with my friend. So we ate, danced and drank. It was like a late day party. I did, however, see a cutie but he was preoccupied. Bummer. 



To top it all off, they gave us gift bags! Unlike the majority of party gifts, they weren't cheesy little knick knacks, but actual things I'm interested in.



There was a small bottle of the Rosa Regale I didn't get a chance to taste, a corkscrew so I can actually open the wine, a plastic but very cute wine glass, 3 coupons for Banfi Wines, a wine wipe for your winestache, Brix chocolate, and a complimentary 3-month membership for Zoosk. These people clearly want to get me laid.


Overall, the event was dope and I'll do it again should the chance arrive. For everything to be free, the quality was great. Nothing seemed cheap or half-assed. I enjoyed the extra perks like a free photo booth and eye candy as servers. The raffle was cute, even though I didn't win. Yea, that's right. I'm hating.

Nonetheless, I think it was pretty thoughtful and it made me happy as hell. See people, you can never go wrong with "free" and wine". Unless it's coming from a creepy man in an alley. If that's the case you should just run.

If you're worried you missed out, don't fret. According to Facebook the next one is August 5th.