Adult Night at Lincoln Park Zoo

As much as I love kids, I get tired of those friendly little people. Their cute smiling faces can only go so far and sometimes I need a break from them. Maybe it's the fact that I haven't reached motherhood yet, but those little cuties grind my gears every now and often. I love them, but damn Ms.Cocoa needs a break. Hence, the reason I usually go to adult-only events and establishments. So, when I discovered Lincoln Park Zoo(something that's usually kid friendly) had adult nights I was twerking in my chair. 

These adult nights at the zoo occur a few times throughout the year and include wine, games, and a schedule full of educational sessions on the stars of the night—the animals! I've known about it for awhile, but I could never find anyone to go with me. That's until my sister invited me to go last week. She can be a decent person when she tries...I guess. 

Although it wasn't free, it was still pretty affordable. We bought tickets on Eventbrite for $15 dollars each(plus tax). Lincoln Park Zoo is usually free, but I believe this is their creative way of making money. So, I didn't mind paying. 


They were serving wine for $5-$6 a glass and champagne for $7. I obviously got the champagne because of the cute plastic cup. Yea, I know, I'm fancy af. As for the food, I didn't get any, but I did check out their food court. It had typically delicious options, such as tacos, sandwiches, and pasta. The prices weren't cheap but not expensive either. Imagine being in downtown Chicago and grabbing lunch for work.  


No kids were allowed, but that didn't mean you couldn't act like one. There were cool, childhood games to play including a bean bag toss and hula-hoops, but my favorite was the giant game of Connect Four! My sister and I literally walked around 3 times just to wait to catch an empty game and it was definitely worth it. My sister won, but I can still kick her ass in the game of REAL LIFE!! Jk, I'm just being a competitive asshole.  


The DJ was also pretty dope. He didn't just play swanky music, but tunes that actually made me dance and rap. Although he was pretty cool, he wasn't why I came. I wanted to see those beautiful creatures dammit! I'll admit, there is something about caged animals that sort of makes me uneasy. However, curiosity is my biggest enemy and it gets the best of me. 

There weren't many animals who were willing to see us. I mean, can you blame them? However, I did see a few goods ones. All of them made me smile except for that big ass cockroach that escaped its exhibit. Like why bruh? You just had to scurry out when I was walking? Couldn't wait huh? Ok, cool. Good luck on the outside. 


The next date for Lincoln Park Zoo's Adults Night is August 6th and it's very likely that I will be there. Maybe by this time, I'll win Connect Four and the cockroach will have moved on to a new life. 

Rachel Adeniyi