Whippin' with Williams Sonoma: Cooking Lessons with Family and Friends

Me and cooking just don't mix. I know the basics and can get down with the get down when I need to. However, I"m no pro. I just know that broccoli and carrots don't belong in macaroni (see below to be disgusted). 

Anyway, I've been interested in bettering my skills, so when my sister decided to go to Williams Sonoma in Lincoln Park for her birthday I was thirsty as hell. The drive wasn't far from my place and I've seen the place before, but never had the chance to check it out. The goal was to have cooking lessons with family and friends while also competing. However, due to us being late, the instructor started before we could make it and it didn't work out that way.

The classes took place in the back of the store. There were around 12 of us and the lessons were private, so, although we were in an open space, the setting felt intimate. Upon walking in, I saw a lot of ingredients and supplies so I was happy to know we were fully equipped for whatever we needed. However, this was a lesson for Mexican cuisine so we were limited to certain dishes. The menu included: steak tacos, guacamole, quesadillas, mango salsa, and enchiladas. 

Although we couldn't compete, we still decided to team up just to make the process run faster and smoother. I was on team guacamole(my friend Jade did most of the work) and quesadillas. I may be biased but these turned out to be the best *flips hair*. The instructor was very hands on and made sure we knew our way around the kitchen. She didn't force her way of cooking down our throats, but gave us advice and allowed us to concoct our own creations. 

The best part about this was it was BYOB. I didn't bring my own but I sure sipped on everyone else's. Thanks, ladies! 


                                       SIPPING IN FINESSE

                                       SIPPING IN FINESSE

As far as prices go, the birthday girl coordinated everything and asked us to pay her a certain price. However, I did ask the instructor about other classes she taught and they were all in the $30 range. In my opinion, it's a hell of a deal, especially since it included dessert. Yep, bomb ass food with dessert to top it off. It included a frozen banana blend, mimicking ice cream but with a healhier twist, and an assortment of cupcakes and brownies. Dreamy right? 

Overall, I will defnitely go again. The class helped build teamwork and conversation amongst the group and taught me how to make delicious meals. It's a win win, so you can't go wrong—unless you burn the place down with horrible cooking skills. 

Rachel Adeniyi