Jay-Z's "4:44" Listening Party | TidalXSprint

The Hip-Hop King is back and the excitement has been on the rise since he dropped those mysterious 4:44 ads a few weeks ago. Celebrities always try to make us play detective when they drop an album. Why? WHY?!? Anyway, after we all texted, tagged, and DM'd each other about it, it was officially stated that Jay-Z was dropping a new album and the hip-hop heads went nuts. The wait was finally over. 


We all know about Tidal's partnership with Sprint, so it was no surprise that he was holding listening parties at selected Sprint stores in multiple cities. The one in my city, Chicago, was held at the Sprint at 7250 S. Cicero.

Aside from being great marketing for all three brands, this made the people feel included and exclusive all at the same time. I'm not sure if there was a certain way to sign up or if you had to pay. Y'all should know me by now and that I always get the freebies. I came through the strength of my cousin who signed up, but I walked right through the door without being checked. I have no idea if it was supposed to be that way, but my happy ass felt like the college freshman who got into the bar without getting ID'd.


After mingling and snapping photos, it was finally time to hear the much anticipated 4:44. The album was really good. According to Complex, "4:44 is a 10-track album whose only guests are Frank Ocean, Damian Marley, and Jay's mother Gloria (and some background vocals from Beyoncé. It was produced entirely by No I.D.". To be honest, I haven't been a huge Jay-Z fan in the last few years. However, this album reminds me of the old Jay and I was thoroughly satisfied. He has more than a couple of hits on there. My favorite was his song with Frank Ocean, "Caught Their Eyes". There's a tracklist floating around, but it's just different times listed. My guess is that it's the lengths of the songs and his songs actually have titles. 




Overall, the vibe was dope as f*&^. Jay-Z's album drop brought out all the real-music heads out and everyone there was giving a good vibe and positive energy. There were no drinks or small bites, but I was able to survive with a free photo booth. Chicago's own, DJ Pharris was doing his thing and bringing us a fire mix of Jay-Z's best hits until 4:44 dropped at 11:00 PM Central. 

Dope music, good people, and great energy—what more could I ask for? The funny thing is, I was supposed to go to The Internet's free concert at the House of Vans but ended up missing it. Well, I guess when the music gods close one door, Jay-Z  kicks down another one with his timbs. Thanks Hov! 

Have you had a chance to hear Jay-Z's new album? What do you think? Fire or barely a spark?