Dairy-Free Product Review: So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative

I'm a strong woman but my stomach is weak. For years I've been having digestive issues and one of the main culprits is dairy. Yes, the thing that creates so many delicious foods is on my list of dietary hell nos. You can't be cute with a bloated gut and gas. Although I cheat at times, for the most part, I try to stay away from it. So, I've made it my mission to find alternatives in every food category that contains this forbidden ingredient. So far, I've found milk and ice-cream, which I'll write about later, but I've been missing one delicious snack—yogurt. I had given up hope of ever being able to fully enjoy this conveniently healthy snack and its probiotic goodness. That's until I went to WalMart yesterday and discovered a gift from God— So Delicious' Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative! I couldn't leave the store without it, but was it worth my dramatic screech of joy when I found it? 



Price: The first thing I notice before buying any item is the price. Seeing as how I'm still on the struggle bus, it's something my bank account doesn't allow me to ignore. At $1.58, this came at a pretty fair price. It wasn't a $.66 Yoplait but then again, you get what you pay for. 

Ingredients: I've had So Delicious' ice-cream and it usually contains coconut milk, so it's no surprise that their yogurt does as well. What I really liked is that, like many yogurts, it has a substantial amount of live cultures: S. thermophilus, L.rhamnosus, L. acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium spp., L. casei, L. paracasei, and L. plantarum. Those were the main ingredients I was searching for, but of course, there are many others such as organic cane sugar and locust bean gum. I've included pictures at the bottom of this post so you can see the full list of ingredients. 

Size: 5.3 oz, which is a pretty decent size for an individual cup of yogurt. 

Taste: All the technical stuff is important, but what really holds weight is taste. All the healthy shit is irrelevant if the product tastes like cardboard. Thankfully, this didn't. I went with strawberry banana because WalMart only had that and coconut. As much as I love coconut, strawberry banana is obviously the better choice. I almost didn't even taste the difference between this dairy-free yogurt and yogurt made from actual dairy. It was bomb.com! I even let my sister taste to verify and her toes curled. We might have to take her to the hospital but at least she had some good yogurt. They have many other flavors available, WalMart was just out of them I guess. 

Perks: On top of being tasty, affordable and dairy-free, it came with some other pretty awesome perks. It's gluten-free, non-GMO project verified, etc. You can visit their website to see more. 

Overall, this dairy-free product is the shizit! I'm definitely buying again and look forward to trying all the flavors. I might have to go somewhere other than WalMart because the one by my house is always out of everything. Anyway, I've included some real product pics so you can get an authentic look at it for yourself: