Spring Fashion Finds at Zara

It's something about Zara's chic, semi-expensive but affordable for people on a budget vibe that makes me feel special. Plus, they have some bomb ass clothes. The graphic tees are always on point and don't even get me started on their jeans and the way they turn my pancake booty into a croissant. So, you all know I had to hit them up for a little spring fashion shopping. I didn't do too much damage to my bank account. I'm all about buying a few things at a time and slowly building your wardrobe. Also, the way my funds are set up, that's the only way I'm allowed to shop. Details and photos below:


 I like clothing that doesn't fit the normal mold of style. So this was a perfect denim piece for me to be trendy but standout. Price: $22.90 


This shirt has me feeling really festive! As soon as I put it on, my body immediately  has an "Ayyyy" type of vibe. The thing I love most about it is its versatility. I can wear it on or off the shoulder. I'm giving all types of bony shoulder tease. Price: $35.90


It's ok to be basic, especially when it comes to shopping for essentials. I always stock up on my basics because of how much you can do with them. I can dress this up, keep it casual, or just wear it to bed. It's an all-purpose piece for a low cost. Price: $9.90


Finishing where we started—with denim! I couldn't get a denim top without getting a denim bottom. I honestly HATE denim mini skirts but this one stood out. It actually looks like it can make me look popping. I'm all ruff(le) and tough haha. Ok, I quit. Price: $15.99 

This is just the start. I will definitely be all up and through Zara for more of my spring shopping!