OOTW: Beyoutiful

Today I woke up feeling very yucky. I missed a yoga and mimosas class and realized my bank account was short AF. Mood of the morning was definitely "Damn!". But I realized how counterproductive it is to sit around and sulk when there's so much to love about life, including myself. So I took this time to let loose and bask in me and appreciate who I am physically, creatively, and spiritually. I had fun playing with the lipstick. It isn't perfect, but I wanted to try something besides the typical mono-color matte shade. Details and pictures below:


Top: Forever 21

Pants: H&M

Kimono: H&M. It's really a shirt but I use it for everything from a kimono to a cover-up for my bathing suit.  

Sandals: Top Shop 

Choker: A dope friend from college by the name of Michelle Janayea

Afro: God and Black Girl Magic