Confident Weirdo: How to Wear Snakeskin Pants

What’s up fake bitches? Sike, I’m the fake bitch. I know I’ve left you guys hanging for awhile, but I’ve been dealing with a lot mentally and emotionally that I’m not quite ready to share. Perhaps in a later post(or video). Just know that I love each and every person who has been supporting me through this journey and putting up with my inconsistency. You all deserve better and that’s what I’m going to give you!

Moving on, I went to Minnesota the other week and looked fucking good! Rocking my snakeskin pants, wide-heeled sandals, and a graphic tee, I felt like myself again. I’ve been waiting to wear these pants for awhile and was super glad I finally got the chance. I encourage everyone to explore animal prints to throw at least a tad bit of edge to your wardrobe. However, you have to know how rock it. So, how to wear snakeskin pants? It’s all about confidence! With a bald head and sun-kissed melanin, I knew I was the shit…PERIOD.

That’s all that matters! You have to dress like you own the place and walk like you earned it. Animal prints aren’t for the meek, but more for the chic and dangerous. Outfit details and pics below.

Big Pawpaw tee


Snakeskin Pants

Nasty Gal




Forever 21