OOTW: NYC 25th Birthday

I'm back bitches!!! I honestly have no excuse for a month of absence except for stress and regular life situations, but nothing could stop me from celebrating the big 25. I had to do something special and I decided to hit up NYC. The city is always a good time and Afropunk was on the same day as my birthday. Since NYC is one of the fashion capitals, I always make sure to slay. So, each day was a runway show for me. It all started at dinner the night before my birthday. The color really made the outfit. There's something about orange, rust, or burgundy against brown skin that makes everything pop. I decided not to go heavy on accssories and let the dress speak for itself.  Images and details below:



Dress: Missguided.com. I will post a detailed review of my experience with them. 

Shoes: Missguided.com

Clutch: Forever 21

Hair: Wig shop in Calumet City.  Wigs are freaking life!

Rightfully so, I was feeling myself. Hence the reason for the video. So what, I'm fabulous! Everyone needs at least one day of self-glorification.