OOTW: Mixing Styles

What's popping?!? Me of course. Hahaha. I'm just feeling myself because of some blessings I've been encountering lately. I feel like this week's outfit really embodied what my life has been lately: different forms of good things that come together to create a beautiful moment. The blue dress and sandals have a girly, sexy vibe while the denim jacket with patches has an "I will argue with you about Trump's entire cabinet" vibe. Meanwhile, the head wrap and choker have an "I know all the words to every Erykah Badu song" and "coconut oil is life" feel. All of these pieces are literally a reflection of my complex ass personality. Y'all know the deal, details and images below:


Dress: Forever 21

Denim Jacket: Forever 21

Head Wrap: Forever 21

Choker: My creative, jewel making friend Michelle

Shoes: Marshall's in Miami

Damn, I didn't even notice how this outfit is almost entirely from Forever 21. 


Anyway, what syles do you like to mix so you can be popping?