OOTW: Slaying in Menswear

"This is a man's world", but it's so much better when women add their unique sparkle to it. Hence the reason we make their clothes look 100x better when we rock them. Let's be honest, his work shirt looks so much better with your distressed jeans and pumps than with his slacks and tight ass oxfords. No offense boys, but it's just something about a woman's touch that makes things shine like a fresh Jheri curl. So, when I saw this graphic tall tee in the men's section I knew it was my time to add my dopeness to menswear.  Details and....y'all should know the deal by now! Check me out:


Tall tee turned dress: H&M

Heels: A small shoe shop in an ungentrified part of Brooklyn

Earrings: Local beauty supply. Got that 1 dolla holla

Long legs: God's grace. He truly loves me.


What piece of men's clothing do you like to rock? How do you add your own flavor to it?