Real Shit: Acceptance is Leading to Destruction

What's cracking? My skin because Chicago is on dirt with this wind chill. Anyway let's talk real shit:

Our society has become too accepting

 Before I get into how and why let me explain what I mean by society. I don't mean the white, straight male ran society, but the one I actually thrive in and choose to identify with. That means open-minded Millenials wanting to embrace the world while making it a better place at the same time. In other words, my ideal society within the fucked up world. 

Now that that's done let me get to the nitty-gritty. Our "judge none, accept all" logic is flawed and is hella problematic. I understand that people should be able to live how they would like without being looked down on or criticized, but there's a thin line between acceptance and harmful enabling. Where do we draw it? 

Accepting people as they are shouldn't mean never telling them when they are wrong or can change for the better. When you care about someone you should always take into consideration their health(mental, physical, emotional), future, career, etc. If you have a friend who is morbidly obese you should be able to tell them they need to lose weight without being called a body shamer or asshole. The thing is people are so ready to have a world that is free of criticism that they are willing to let those around them self-destruct just to seem like the good guy. I'm not saying to constantly remind someone of their mistakes or what they need to be doing, but as adults in training, we need to be able to have real conversations without seeming rude and someone taking it as an attack. 

Being so young, a lot of my peers are living for the now and aren't understanding that everything they do can have a long-term effect on their lives. I'm 25, meaning I'm young but old enough where I need to start getting serious about things. If I don't want to date a 30+-year-old man who is broke with no real ambition, there should be no debate. I'm dating with marriage in mind, not just to have fun. Why would I not consider if the man will be able to take care of me and a family? But according to our society, you must accept every type of man or else you have unrealistic standards and are a gold digger. What they don't understand is they're trying to be so open-minded, they're turning closed-minded. Them not minding a man with lesser means is ok, but me wanting a man that is financially stable isn't. I'm not a fan of mediocrity, but it keeps getting pushed down my throat for some fucking reason. And every time I'm going to throw it up. 

My 'Real Shit" posts are never supposed to be long, so I'm going to lay it out really simple. I don't have to accept everything every black person does. I don't have to think every woman is a victim or even beautiful. Our cult-like "acceptance" logic is hindering us from accepting responsibility for our actions. That isn't doing anything but setting up realistic expectations for how the world should work when in reality it doesn't. 

As much as I love everyone and tell people to get it how they live, it's important to acknowledge when someone's actions can be harmful to themselves or others. Stop with the bullshit and keep it real every now and then. It does the soul good. 

What do you guys think? Has this generation gone too far with what we must accept or am I just grumpy because I'm hungry?

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Rachel Adeniyi2 Comments